Asc.Deg Jazz Contemporary music

Styles: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Soul, Funk, Folk, Pop, Classical

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Suitability: Ages 7 years and up

Pricing: $50 per half hour at your place.
60min lessons available, please inquire.

Gavin Libotte has an instrumental, guitar band “Urban Gypsies Quartet , who play original Jazz / Latin and contemporary music mixed with world and jazz fusion.
He has played with and supported Buena vista social club, Cassandra wilson, Lolo Lovina, Demis Roussos, and many more. He currently plays with Dieter Kleemann.


“I was playing two of my favourite songs and even writing a simple one of my own in just a few lessons! If this is what I can achieve in a month, I look forward to what a year of lessons will bring! I certainly wouldn’t want to learn guitar from anyone else”.
N. Pradhan, 30, Film Producer, Mona Vale NSW (June 2009)


"My year 5 boy Andrew at NBPS has been learning Guitar with Gavin for over a year.  Not only has Andrew learned the skills of how to play Guitar well, but also together we have enjoyed the beautiful music Gavin has played with Andrew. I believe the most important part of learning music, is( what Gavin has demonstrated to us) , to be happy, be in Music, and enjoy it! Thanks Gavin, Andrew is so lucky having you as his Guitar teacher!!"  Claudia Wang, Andrews mother Neutral Bay NSW Feb 2014






Gavin has produced four Albums of original music and is regularly doing concerts in the Sydney area.

Contact me to learn guitar, play a few popular songs or learn improvisation and advanced techniques!

Play only what you want to play! Remember it’s about having fun!!